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{This is a fanfic of the show Avatar the last airbender. Toph and Sokka are a bit older.}

      Toph fell backwards as the swinging piece of metal collided with her side. She slowly began slipping down the flying airship. Panic shot through her system as she yelled for Sokka. He turned around an ran to grab her. Catching her just by the arm, he began to pull the earthbender back to the top. 
      "Toph," he panted, "Stop scaring me like that."

      "I can't help it snoozles, it's just so easy."
Sokka smiled as he pulled the blind bandit to her feet. She slapped his hand, "Stop trying to help, " He chuckled.
Toph clutched her side where the metal hit her. She felt the blood oozing out of it and nearly fainted,

      "Snoozles, start helping."

      Realizing she was bleeding, Sokka rushed to her side. He began taking off his armor, along with his shirt. Toph grabbed him for support. She felt his hard muscles and blushed, "what are you doing?"

      "We have to apply pressure to your wound because your soaked with blood. It's my shirt or yours, " He stated

      Toph shuddered at the thought of being covered in blood. She hated blood. Then the thought of Sokka shirtless hit her mind and she was o.k. 
Sokka laid Toph down on the hull as he tied his shirt around her. The rise and fall of her stomach soothed him, though her wound was very serious. Each breath was a little more labored than the other. The earthbender looked like she was going to pass out.

      "Stay awake Toph, " Sokka looked worryingly at the blind girl. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was slowing, "TOPH!"

      "WHAT?" Her eyes shot open. She felt for the man leaning over her. A sigh of relief escaped as she realized it was Sokka. She gave him that smile that was his & reached up to hug him, "You had me worried, I thought I was in actual danger."

      "You will be if we don't get you off this airship & to a hospital." It was Sozin's comet and the groups healer, Katara, was in the fire nation with Zuko. So, any help was miles away.

     Sokka sighed as he picked Toph up off the ground, "What's the plan, captian boomerang?"

      "The plan is we hope Aang kills the firelord soon."

      Toph frowned, "Excuse me? Toph Bei Fong waits for nobody, kind sir. Where's the nearest earth column?"

      "A little to the right, why?"

      Toph slowly crawled to the rutter, "Tell me when it's directly ahead."  Pulling the rutter using metal bending, she directed the air ship to crash into the nearest earth coulmn. Looking through the earth, Toph felt the water benieth them. She carefully lowered the earth to about the waters level.

      "Fix me up, captain boomerang."

      Sokka smiled as he began apply the water, mixing it with the little medicine he had with him. As he was bandaging her back up, he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek," Stop trying to kill yourself, o.k.?" 
      "I can't help it, " Toph smiled, "It just comes naturally."
Woo! My first ever submission!!!! :D this short fan fiction is about Sokka and Toph from the show, Avatar the last airbender. It takes place during Sozin's comet part 3&4, except their a little older. I have no clue where suki is during this and I don't care. :) This is what should have happened. Disclaimer: I do not own A:TLA. It belong to Mike and Brian and all other people that helped create the show :)

Next chapter [[link]
ipwnlocks Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
haha ok....
being an author myself, i have some comments for you, since this being your first and all.

well make paragraphs and put spaces in the story. and for fanfics that that place during a time lapse or during a specific time during the show, begin the story by describing what happens just before, to make the reader know when exactly the story is taking place (i do it in every chapter of my "LOW" story. and my "ember island night" story.)
Dancerprancer Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012
Ok...thank you! Your advice is greatly appreciated! :)
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