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Beastboy sat on the roof, daydreaming about Raven. Her violet hair and eyes, the was she holds back her smile when she obviously want to laugh. The changeling loved it and he loved her. He wanted her. To feel her breath on his face, her body pressed agents his. Beastboy would die of happiness. He would love her more than he could even imagine.

Unknowingly to the green 19 yer old, Raven was listening to his thoughts. She sat at the top of the stairwell, her mouth agape. Garfield and her had the same feelings. Succumbing to a surge of happiness, one air vent exploded. Raven wanted to turn and run but her legs wouldn't listen.

"Raven?" The green changeling called to her, thoroughly confused.

The pale girl stepped out of the stairwell and gave a half wave, "hi Garfield."

"What's up?" He asked as casually as he could.

"Nothing much, just blowing up air vents."

He chuckled and walked over to her. The teen looked his crush in the eye, "Can I tell you something."

Ravens heart felt like it was beating a mile a minute, "uh, sure."

"Raven," the changeling took in a deep, nervous breath, "I think I'm in love with you."

The pale girl could have melted. She had been waiting for those words since the day she met him. She threw her arms out and hugged the green hero. Taking in his musk scent she whispered out, "I KNOW I love you."

Beastboy put her out in front of him. Smiling, the brave teen dove in to kiss her. Slightly surprised, the violet haired girl kissed back. She held the back of his head as her wrapped his arms around her waist. His kisses were chocolate; sweet, smooth, and addicting. Nipping gingerly at her love, raven hopped up onto his hips. Her legs wrapped around him, bringing him even closer.

The two broke the kiss. They were in desperate need to breath. Beastboy gave Raven a pure look of joy. She couldn't hold back the smile on her face. Before she knew it, their lips collided again. This kiss more passionate then the last. The only thing that stopped them was the alarm going off.

Beastboy swore quietly to himself. Robin called him on his communicator, "It's just control freak, star and I can handle him. You guys take a break."

Beastboy barely had to time to shut his communicator before Raven was on him again. Shivers went down his spine when she bit his ear a little, "Rae, did I tell you I love you? Cuz I really love you."

"I love you, too, Garfield," she smiled as they were teleported to her room.

(Have fun with that ending)
I'm on a writing spree!!! Ohmygosh!!! This one-shot was inspired by the song animal by neon trees. Disclaimer: Teen titans belongs to anyone but me :) Another disclaimer: The preview image is not mine...

Here are my stories:

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Very nice!
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Since he couldn't close his communicator fast enough, doesn't that mean Robin heard all that.
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Hehe haaaa ummm <---me inching towards ending o3o
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nice one shot im curious think u could do a story based on my oc's
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Ok, tell me which one you want me to do. :D
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well its the Logan siblings (aka BB & Raven's kids) theres Falcon (Raymond the oldest) Safari (Gabby the middle daughter Paradox (Kimi the youngest) Falcon is a female Raven Safari is a male Beast Boy and Paradox is a mix of both. as for what the story is I leave that to you
Dancerprancer Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012
as much as I would love to, I can't :( Right now I'm working on a oneshot with jinx and Cyborg. I always put my ipod on shuffle and write about the second song that comes up :)
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That was awesome!!!!
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